Loris Bollengier

Graduated from Paris Malaquais Architecture School in July 2023, I have been enhancing my professional journey since 2018 in the fields of architecture and graphic representation. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with several prominent architectural visualization agencies such as ArtefactoryLAB and Doug&Wolf, where I have worked as a perspectivist. Since 2021, I have chosen to expand my career as an independent professional, working in both the architecture domain, undertaking projects in home and apartment renovations, office construction, luxury boutique design, and sports facility development, as well as in the realm of 3D visualization.

My work in 3D visualization is centered around photorealism, with a particular focus on simulating light and its effects, including refraction, diffraction, and caustics. This passion drives me to utilize advanced existing tools and develop my own customized solutions. My visualization skills enable me to present architectural projects realistically and faithfully.

Furthermore, my expertise in artificial intelligence, coding, and programming empowers me to create generative and procedural design tools and processes, paving the way for maximum creative exploration.

Welcome to my website, where I invite you to explore my work and my passion for architecture, 3D visualization, and innovation in architectural design.